Legal Aid

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide effective judicial protection to the weaker section of the society.
  • Persuade the Government to ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice to the masses, as required under article 37(d) of the Pakistan Constitution.
  • Women Islamic lawyer Forum believes in striving for the rules of law and elimination of crimes from our society. WIL Forums dedicated lawyers choose such children in jails who are neither addicted offenders, nor they belong to any gang. WIL Forum provides these children with free legal aid and make efforts for there release from jails.

Legal Aid Department

Resources of Legal Aid Cases

  1. From Jail Visit ( Twice a week an Juvenile Jail)
  2. Social Workers
  3. Police Officials
  4. Via Court
  5. Needy families outside the jail approach us
  6. Weekly Legal Aid meeting for all lases follow up

Scrutiny Department

  • Each & Every cases came in Legal Aid Department in scrutinize through scrutiny Department.
  • Scrutiny Department divided cases in two categories:
    1. Free Legal Aid for deserving people ( through Zakat Fund and since them Halfnama that they need Zakat fund) Halfnama in attested from responsible personality of their area.
    2. Legal Aid for those litigants who can give Least Charges as case fees.

Welfare Department

  • Computer Literacy Program

It has been working since 2014. The total number of students who passed is 142 and to this date, a total of 16 batches have passed out. The certificate has been awarded to the successful students. There are 4 Computer Certificate Distribution Ceremonies organized in a year. Certificates are from SEWW. There is no line on the certificate that shows inmates got this certificate from jail.

  • Behavioral Workshops at Juvenile Jail

The total number of workshops is 150. These workshops are conducted by professional psychiatrists. Each workshop comprised 25 students (approx).

  • Spiritual Awareness Workshops at Juvenile Jail

The total number of workshops is 139. These workshops are conducted by Islamic Scholars. Each workshop comprised 25 students (approx).

  • Jail Donations

It includes an Electric cooler, Computer Set donations for the Juvenile Jail, Large numbers of Fans and Lights. Some other gifts to the Juveniles for their necessities such as Soaps, Shampoos, T-Shirts, Bags, Kurta Shalwar Suits, File Folder Bags.

WIL Income Support Program

Prisoners released on bail or acquitted, amongst them those who seem to rectify their attitude and want to live lives as responsible citizens are also provided material support through our Income Support Program to enable them to live respectfully. Sewing machines, Potato chips stalls, Rashan Bags, Jahez Boxes, and much more are provided to needy people. Sureties and Penalties are also given by WIL Forum for needy litigants. Till now, it is approximately about Rs. 20,000. WIL Forum also submitted sureties from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 for those litigants who need it.

legal aid report december 2021

legal aid report from october to december 2021