Awareness Programs

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote Islamic ideology among Women Lawyers.
  • To introduce Quran and Sunnah as basic and sovereign source of law.
  • To improve the vision of lawyers regarding National and Political Issues and guide them towards the strategy in the best interest of Muslim Ummah.
  • To create awareness about the Fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed for every citizen and ensure their implementation.

Quran Study circle program in Ladies Bar Room

WIL Forum conducts weekly classes for lady lawyers in Karachi Ladies Bar Room and Malir Ladies Bar Room in order to provide awareness of Land laws and Islamic laws and to foster Islamic ideology in lawyer’s daily lives as well as in their professional lives, which helps them to practically implement the standard of Quran and Sunnah not only in their own lives, but in their professional lives as well. The forum provides professional guidance to Women Lawyers regarding issues concerned with political, social or any other issues of national level.


WIL Forum also organizes seminars annually on law based and specially on current national issues, main venue at City Court Karachi, Malir Court and High Court Sindh.


It is the most important and conventional norm of WIL Forum. WIL Forum has been organizing Annual Conventions since 2012 with its own unique agenda to provide awareness and collective effort on burning / running national issues.

Discussion Forum

Highlight the increasing issue in the current society and try to find out their solutions by holding discussion forum with civil activists.

Distribution of Literature

It has been distributed among Judges, IG’s, SP’s, Advocates etc… As for the purpose of awareness in the context of Quranic and Shariah Law. Literature Distribution at Karachi Bar and Malir Bar quantative analysis is mentioned below.

Quran CD’s65